Coronavirus: Idlib’s first Covid-19 case raises fears for Syria camps

Aid groups say the first case is “a major blow” for huge numbers of refugees in north-west Syria.

‘I can recover at home’: Cosmetic surgeons see rise in patients amid pandemic

More people are having surgery as they can work from home while they recover and hide behind masks.

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From his laptop in Essex, Dr Tahir Akhtar is advising Pakistani doctors on treating coronavirus patients.

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Egypt sees the dam as an existential threat, while Ethiopia sees it as an existential necessity.

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The BBC has secured exclusive access to one cartel trying to win over the hearts and minds of Mexico’s poor during the coronavirus pandemic.

Robert Fuller: Hanging death of black man ruled suicide

Robert Fuller’s death sparked suspicion but investigators say he had history of mental illness.

Notre Dame: Cathedral’s spire will be restored to 19th Century design

President Emmanuel Macron put an end to speculation that the restored spire would be modern.

Xinjiang: US sanctions Chinese officials over ‘abuse’ of Muslims

China is accused of persecuting Uighur Muslims, including by locking them up in detention camps.