Weight Watchers Study

Do we have any Weight Watchers participants out there? If so then you would be proud to know that Weight Watchers ran a study that proved that you lost more weight using their program than you would going to the doctors.  A study was ran on 772 men and women who was recruited during their doctors appointment’s. Half of the participants was given a 12 month Weigh Watchers membership and the other half was to attend a once a month weight management session at their doctor’s office. In the study 61% of people lost 15 lbs on Weight Watchers compared to the 54% of people who lost 7 lbs going to the doctors over the year the study took place. Even when the researchers included the people who dropped out of the research before the first year the average weight loss was lower but still followed the same pattern 11 lbs on Weight Watchers and 5 lbs going to the doctors. Other companies such as Jenny Craig also ran a study that proved that women who completed one year of the program lost 20 lbs that is more than three or four times the weight women lost going to a nutritionist. At the end of the day it may be pricey, it is estimated that Weight Watchers alone can cost up to $500 a year but, it has been proven to be more that worth it. So all my Weigh Watcher fans to me personally I think it is a good investment but like I tell all my readers check up on it before you invest so you can make sure it fits your budget. For more info you can visit www.cnn.com/health/fitness.diet or visit their website at www.weighwatchers.com

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