When we think about the troubles in this world alot of things can come to mind. Homelessness, hunger, famine and war are at the top of the list. But most feel these things are too big of an issue to solve individually. However there are many things one person can accomplish in their community that can truly make a difference in a big way. Volunteer at a shelter, mentor troubled children/teens, or even less complicated adopt or foster a pet.

Wild at Heart Animal Rescue (WAHAR) is making small strides with large results for all those involved. It is an underdog in its mission(no pun intended) to giving animals a second chance at life. What is most interesting about this organization is that it has no real base of operations. Together this group made solely of volunteers who take these pets into their home are doing something rewarding and selfless. Most need to be re-socialized due to trauma that they faced before coming to WAHAR or just not having human contact, but some are just animals who these voluteers have seen and NOT simply passed by.

I am sure you are questioning what it is that they could possibly need if they have been making such big strides. The answer is more volunteers. Nothing hard really just your time. Time fundraising and even just selling cheap raffle tickets to earn simple things these rescued animals need like bowls and food. Placing a jar at your place of employment to take up donations isn’t too hard is it? How about passing out flyers or even just liking them on Facebook? If it is there is something definitely wrong with you …go get that checked out.

To find out more about this organization, you can find them at:  wildheartanimalrescue.com and you can also find them on facebook.


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