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Were definitely finally beginning to feel our winter weather and its coming in with a vengeance. With piercing winds and occasional snows its somewhat difficult to dress accordingly to this weather. That’s where we come in! Providing great wardrobe essentials that are easy to style and maintain. There is no reason whatsoever you are not always able to step out with your best foot forward! Now stepping out over these next few days are going to be unbearable, unless however you are properly attired. There’s one featured item that will make sure you’re comfortably warm while showing that you have style, without evening having to try: the Double-breasted jacket.

The double-breast is an article of clothing that has been through many generations still remaining just as fashionable today as it was seventy years ago. Originating from the naval reefer jacket (pea coat) the original double-breasted jacket was intended for keeping sailors protected against the elements as they tended to the sails of their ships.

Even though all who wear this jacket aren’t sailing, its just as important for us to brave the elements. While the double-breasted jacket have a  six button (2 rows of 3) fasten front, shorter individuals may want to go with a four button jacket to create the illusion of height (six buttons will subtract from your height). As far as coloring goes the jacket comes in basic colors navy, charcoal, grey, and the biggest trend this season: natural hues.

Whether paired with jeans and a shirt while running around town or with slacks as you’re commuting back and forth from the office, with the double-breasted jackets its extremely simple to look and feel your best.

Remember: Style may come from the outside but beauty starts within.

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