Observation: Style

Last week we brought you the Double-breasted peacoat and it didn’t dawn on us that everyone doesn’t have a dressed style.  So this week were bringing you a style that’s so versatile that anyone in any professional can personalize it. Whether a business executive or a part-time retail associate; the leather bomber jacket fits into anyone’s wardrobe.

Originating from the the early 20th century the leather bomber jacket was first introduced to the early aviators as a form of protection against the elements. Due to the fact that their aircrafts didn’t have insulated chambers, an insulated jacket was necessary. First-made with sheepskin, as an insulated material, there are now many variations of the style so there’s a select style for every style.

Because of the fact that were not sure about snow, sleet, rain or sunshine a great conversion piece is a necessity. Whether you’re pairing your jacket with a Henley or a cotton oxford, the versatility of this garment is endless. Even though the end result is going to differ from individual to individual the end result is still a rugged outdoorsy look.

Although everyone is not a fashion-enthusiast, everyone (for the most part) is somewhat particular about their style and how they are portrayed. This jacket allows those well aren’t sure about there style an chance to play around with fabrics and style so they know what looks and feels good on them. So take the opportunity and figure out your goals and allow your style to assist in accomplishing them. Your style plays a bigger part than you think.

Remember: Style comes from the outside but beauty starts within.

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