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                Today (January 27th, 2012), I decided to visit my local art museum and see what they offered.  Since the closing of the Fayetteville Museum, I have wondered where they would now showcase the art of the triangle community. After some searching, I came across two right here in Fayetteville. I will proudly admit my dear readers that I am very “cheap” when it comes to finding entertainment and new things to do. The first place I stumbled upon was Cape Fear Studios which was actually established in 1989 and features national and local artists.  It seemed small and not really fitting the idea of what I deemed a “gallery”. With that frame of mind I decided to check out the Art Council of Fayetteville. It seemed bigger and held an air of quiet contentment that you would associate with a library or museum.  What won me over altogether was the announcement of works by Maya Angelou for their fourth Friday.


However, when I arrived I was told by receptionist it was not the fourth Friday and that they did not have any art gallery to show as of yet.  I was a little surprised to hear that, especially since I could have sworn to myself it was indeed the fourth Friday.  With that the woman seemed to sweep me out the door. Confused I managed to ask where the Cape Fear Studio was located. To my fortune it was well within walking distance and I made my way to the small gallery.

Determined to see any art I could lay my eyes on, I conceded to entering the tiny little studio and found more to this experience than say if I had went to the Atlanta Art Museum. Most of the art here was made by someone locally, and they could even be found working on their individual piece. It seemed like I had entered a thinking tank for artists only I was welcomed as a spectator. I mostly watched, because the looks of concentration on their faces intrigued me and I did not want to interrupt. Glass, metalsmithing, painting, scratchboard, and woodworking  were some of the interesting things that kept my eyes busy.  The jewelry was lovely and the giant woodwork in the center of the room was curious if nothing else.

I must note that the Arts Council did not seem too concerned about a curious patron. It was most evident when I decided to check my memory and look on their website. I was correct about the date but not about the time, a simple fact that the receptionist could have mentioned to me before she showed me the exit. Cape Fear Studios was a much more friendly and inviting in its atmosphere and I hope I have compelled you to visit, if not for the local art then for the original handcrafted jewelry.

Cape Fear Studios is located at 141-1 Maxwell Street, Fayetteville, NC 28301. They can be reached by phone: 910-433-2986 or visit their website:


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