Water Customers May Notice Temporary Change in Taste and Odor

Some customers of the Town of Hillsborough water system may have noticed an earthy taste or odor to their water in recent days.

The earthiness, which should not be cause for concern, is due to seasonal growth of algae in the West Fork Eno Reservoir and Lake Orange, which supply the town’s water treatment plant.

The town adds powdered activated carbon during its water treatment process to remove tastes and odors. An increase in the amount of carbon used, which began several days ago, is expected to remove the earthy taste and odor within several more days. As the water treated with higher amounts of carbon flushes older water out of the town’s tanks and pipes, customers should notice the earthiness decrease.

Nearby water systems including the Orange Water and Sewer Authority have reported similar issues and are responding in the same manner as Hillsborough’s water utility.

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