And One Thing Lead To Another….

                    Today (January 27th, 2012), I decided to visit my local art museum and see what they offered.  Since the closing of the Fayetteville Museum, I have wondered where they would now showcase the art of the triangle community. After some searching, I came across two right here in Fayetteville. I will proudly admit my dear readers that I am very “cheap” when it comes to finding entertainment and new things to do. The first place I stumbled upon was Cape Fear Studios which was actually established in 1989 and features national and local artists.  It seemed small and not really fitting the idea of what I deemed a “gallery”. With that frame…

Mellow Out With The Mushroom

FAYETTEVILLE, NC-Pizza has become one the americas favorite eats. Anything can go when it comes to pizza, but in a world where glueten free is becoming the norm, what pizza has risen to the challenge (no pun intended)? Now just in case you look at the name of the resturant and decide you would rather not, PLEASE reconsider. Imagine tasting a pizza made from spring water, which does have a distinct taste compared to other doughs made from the tap. Now how about fresh homemade ingridents  like garlic/pasta sauce, a freshly tossed salad, and a friendly atmosphere to boot? Well look no further because the California based resturant has found its way into Fayetteville, and these shroomies know how to…

Raleigh Holiday Parade 2011

Raleigh Holiday Parade 2011      

CMA Music awards

Did anyone see the CMA awards on ABC Wednesday  night?  They were awesome. I am a fan of country music and was happy to see some great stars plus hear the music of some favorites such as Keith Urban, Rascal Flatts,  Blake Shelton and  see Faith Hill perform her new song.  Glad to see she is back and hopefully we will see her on tour soon.