NC ZOO: Cougars Enjoy the Snow

A cougar at the North Carolina Zoo explores its habitat after keepers used a snow-making machine to fill the exhibit Tuesday. With temperatures not expected to get out of the 30s, zoo visitors can expect to see the exhibit snow for several days. (NC Zoo photo by Jeff Owen)

Daniel Stowe Botanic Gardens “Orchid Spectacular” Takes You Away From The Winter Blues

Living Archways

Just outside of Belmont, North Carolina there are over 100 acres of gardens waiting to be explored at the Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens.  From willow mazes to garden fountains these gorgeously laid out botanic wonders offer a full sensory experience to visitors young and old year round.  However on this cool, rainy January day it was to the Orchid Conservatory to which my family and I slogged through the puddles and drips.  The five story, 8000 square foot conservatory houses thousands of tropical plants including orchids, and it was the orchids that I wanted to see. Starting January 20th and extending to March 18 the Conservatory is hosting it’s “Orchid Spectacular” and spectacular it is. …